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  • About usWelcome to Changzhou Hubin Medicine Raw Materials Co., Ltd.

    Our company is located in the west suburb of Chang-zhou,south to the Ning-Hang expressway,north to the Changzhou airport,the Jing-Hu railway and the hu-ning expressway.It is convenient in both land and water transportation.Subsidiary:Changzhou RedSun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and R&D Department:Changzhou RedSun New Materials Co., Ltd..

    As specialized manufacturer of series benzoic acid products for export,it ... READ ME

    Main productsIntermediates for Dye,Medicine and Organic Syntheses
    Contact us
    Manager:Yu Di
    Add:XiMenDongAn Town, Changzhou, JIangsu, China
    Phone:+86-18502596050 +86-13766960291
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